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Velleman Vertex K8400 3D Printer
Official Product Website


Official Velleman Open Source Files of the Printer (all Parts as CAD) Velleman Files on GitHub
Official Velleman Support and User Forum Velleman Forum
Official Velleman Building Instructions & Manual Instructions & Manual
Official Velleman Electronics Schematics for Vertex Schematics

Upgrade Guides

  1. Installing a MK3 heated bed
  2. Installing a power switch
  3. Z-axis stabilizer
  4. Front hatch kit
  5. Control your printer over the Internet with OctoPi on a Raspberry Pi B+ and PiCam

Fine-tuning and Troubleshooting


  1. XY-Carriage Alignment
  2. Adjusting the stepper drivers
  3. Modifying the Extruders steps/mm
  4. Tuning the heater PID parameters (to achieve a flat temperature curve)


  1. Shifting layers and X/Y axis movement
  2. Z Wobbling
  3. Filament stuck in the Hot-end
  4. Heatbed

Firmware for the Vertex K8400

  1. Latest Vertex Firmware
  2. Localized Versions of the Firmware Language File

Filament settings

Filament settings PLA
Filament settings ABS

How to successfully print with

Printing guide PLA
Printing guide ABS

Printer Settings for alternative Software and Platform

Windows Software and Settings
Linux Software and Settings
MAC Software and Settings

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