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Printer suddenly stops and gets unresponsive

Possible causes :

  1. USB Cable
    Using another USB cable than the one provided or adding an extension cable might result in hang-ups.
    If you want to use another (longer) USB cable you must chose one shielded and with magnetic coils at both ends.
  2. USB device plugged or unplugged
    The connection or disconnection of USB devices can cause the printer to hang.
    This can happen even if the device was connected to a different computer, because USB ground is connected to mains earth in most cases.
  3. Electrical noise or voltage spikes on the mains power
    - check if there are electrical consumers like motors, household equipment or lighting tubes in the same mains circuit
    Switching of such equipment can cause heavy voltage spikes and noise on the mains power, resulting the USB or micro-controller to hang.
    Connecting the printer, PC and any connected peripherals to a filtered power expander can sometimes help. Don't use surge protected socket adapter as they're known causing the printer to freeze. Instead try plugging the printer directly in the mains.
  4. Faulty 15V supply or ground connection
    - check if the 15v power supply is stable and has good ground connection to the controller.
    If the 15V power dips during operation, the controller hangs or resets.
    If the 15V power is not or incorrectly (weak) grounded the controller may pull ground through the USB port, leading to possible damage of the controller and/or PC!

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