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<strong>MediaWiki has been successfully installed.</strong>
<center><span style="color:blue; font-size:30px; text-decoration: bold">Velleman 3D Printers Kits WIKI</span><br/><br/><br/><br/>
<span style="font-size:25px; text-decoration: bold">[[Vertex K8400 3D Printer]]</span><br/>[[File:k8400.jpg|center|200px|link=Vertex K8400 3D Printer]]
Consult the [// User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
<span style="font-size:25px; text-decoration: bold">[[K8200 3D Printer]]</span>
== Getting started ==
* [// Configuration settings list]
[[File:k8200.jpg|center|200px|link=K8200 3D Printer]]<br/><br/>
* [// MediaWiki FAQ]
* [ MediaWiki release mailing list]
* [// Localise MediaWiki for your language]

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Vertex K8400 3D Printer

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