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Axis moves only in one direction

If one the axis is only moving away from the home position and you can't home it or get it moving towards the home position you most probably have an End-stop issue.
The End-stop is a switch closed when hit and open when the bed (or the Z-carriage) is away from it. So if the End-stop is not connected for some reason, the controller thinks the axis is at its home position and only allows it to move away from its park position.
The main causes of a malfunctioning End-stop are :
  • Bad contact at the plug side (check for a bent terminal in the plug).
  • Loose connection or broken wire : check the wires.
  • Wires soldered on the wrong terminals of the switch.

The wires must be soldered to the outer terminals of the switch.

To troubleshoot the END-stop, remove the plug from the controller board and connect your multimeter (on Mohm position or on the continuity check position) to the outer contacts of the plug (brown and red wire).


When the End-stop is not triggered the resistance is infinite (open circuit) and when you press the End-stop it closes the circuit (no resistance).

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