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Installing a 24V power supply for heated bed

The stock power supply is not powerful enough to heat the bed over 50-60° and it takes ages to reach this temperature. It virtually makes printing ABS impossible.

Feeding the bed with a 24V/100W power supply allows the bed to reach 50° in less than 2 minutes and the temperature can raise up to 110°.

Here is the kind of power supply you can use (the one shown is a Mean Well SNT MW100-24 but any 24V/100W PSU will do the job):


To use the temperature regulation of the heated bed you need to insert a power extender between the heatbed output of the controller board and the bed.

You can buy a ready made one or build it yourself from scratch.

Here is one you can buy from Reprap.Me :

PW expander.jpg

Or below you can find the schematics and implantation to build one yourself :

Mosfet b.png


Components list :

1x IRLU8743PbF MosFet
1x SFH610A-1 Optocoupler
1x 1N4148 Diode
1x 1.2K Resistor
1x 2.2K Resistor
1x 2.7K Resistor
2x 2-pole Terminal block
1x 4-pole Terminal block
1x Strip Grid PCB

While you're at it, you can replace the stock 15V power supply with a more reliable one like a Mean Well SNT MW100-15 :

Various housing designs are available on thingiverse :

For dual PSU, including the power expander :

Link to this design by eytec on Thingiverse

The following can be used for one or two PSUs :

Link to this design by turbotommi on Thingiverse

This one is for a single PSU :

Link to this design by stimpy on Thingiverse

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