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Layer shifting

Possible causes :

  1. Bad alignment of the X and/or Y axis
    - The main problem occurring with the Vertex
    A step by step guide to solve this issue can be found [here]
  2. Stepper driver reference voltage set too low or too high
    - check if the stepper driver reference voltage is set about 0.9V
    Like stated in the manual, the correct voltage must be set between 0.89 and 0.93V. An easy way to adjust this voltage is described [here]
    If the voltage is set too high the steppers may overheat and loose steps. (failsafe : if too hot the circuit cuts the power to the motors).
  3. Stepper drivers overheating
    - check the reference voltage and the temperature of the drivers
    If the voltage is set too high the steppers may overheat and loose steps.
    If the Voltage is correctly set (~0.9V) and the driver is still hot, glue a small heatsink on the chip and think about a fan ventilated case for the controller board (particularly when the place is warm, in the summer ...).
  4. Belts too tightened or axis not running free
    - check if the belts aren't too tight
    This may choke the motor and make it loose steps
    The belts should be bendable with light finger force.

    - check if the affected axis is moving freely along the whole way
    Even with a well tuned printer, oil mixed with dirt can make a sticky compound able to briefly block the moving axis. Clean the axis with a solvent and re-oil the X/Y axis on a regular basis .
    Also check if one of the axis is not bent or presenting variations in diameter.

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