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(Printer Customization and Addons)
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#[[Motor looses steps]]
#[[Motor looses steps]]
#[[Motor turns in wrong direction]]
#[[Motor turns in wrong direction]]
#[[Printer suddenly stops and gets unresponsive]]
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Velleman K8200 3D Printer
Official Product Website


Official Velleman Open Source Files of the Printer (all Parts as CAD)
Official Velleman Support and User Forum Velleman Forum
Official Velleman Building Instrucion & Manual Velleman off. Manual

Upgrade Guides

Printer Customization and Addons

  1. Installing a 24V power supply for heated bed
  2. Installing a dual trapezoidal spindle for Z axis
  3. E3D v6 hotend mount for printing flexible filament
  4. Core XY Mod


Filament settings

K8200 Filament settings PLA
K8200 Filament settings ABS


  1. Motor does not turn or turn jiggly
  2. Motor looses steps
  3. Motor turns in wrong direction
  4. Printer suddenly stops and gets unresponsive

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