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Tuning the PID parameters for the heater block

The goal of tuning the PID parameters is to stabilize the temperature curve. It can be useful if your temperature curve is anything but flat when the set temperature is reached.
Here's a how to :
- Connect your printer to Repetier
- Go to the "Manual control" tab
Key in M303 S190 C5 in the G-Code text-box then press Send.
M303 = PID auto calibrate
S190 = set the temperature to 190C
C5 = do 5 iterations
- In the log you will see "PID Autotune start" when the first iteration begins
- After each iteration you'll get the results in the log window as below.
Kp: 26.42
Ki: 1.14
Kd: 153.24
- Take the values from the last iteration and copy them in the EEPROM settings (Config tab/Firmware EEPROM configuration)
- Click on "Save to EEPROM" and you're done.

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