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Modifying the Extruders steps/mm

With the default settings of the Vertex Marlin firmware, it appears that the extrusion value is set too high, resulting in over-extrusion and messy prints (mostly too much infill).
Default steps/mm for the extruders are set at 200. The optimum seems to be around 148.7
Changing the extruder steps implies to change also the "Load filament" settings defined in the ultralcd.cpp file of the Marlin firmware. Otherwise, the filament will never reach the hot-end.

You can download here the adjusted Marlin Firmware for the Single head version (credits to Migra and h60).
The Velleman version string is updated with a F (as in Fixed flow rate) "M:1.0 V:1.1F HEAD:1"
Updated Repetier Host Settings for Cura are also included in the file.
After uploading the new firmaware, don't forget to update the EEPROM (with the LCD panel (Load defaults/Save settings) or via Repetier (send to the printer a M502 followed by a M500)

Dual head settings coming soon.

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